Intervention of the Republic of Germany

Chargé D'Affaires -Mr. Hildneur



Mr. Prime Minister, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,


The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany is grateful for the invitation to participate in this conference. Germany associates herself entirely with the statement made by Ambassador Lecourtier 1n his capacity as representative of the Presidency of the European Union. Germany also endorses the statement made by the Head of the Delegation of the European Commission, Ambassador Kourkoulas.


Let me take the occasion of this conference to reiterate my Government's congratulation on the restoration of the territorial integrity of Lebanon. This is an important step on the way towards a comprehensive peace in the region. The German people understand and share the joy of the Lebanese people at the regained unity. In our view, the restoration of the territorial integrity comprises the restoration of the authority of the state in all its aspects.


The need for the economic reconstruction of the area is evident. The Lebanese Government is confronted with an important task. Germany is ready to support the efforts of the Lebanese Government in this field.


As has been pointed out by other delegates before, international assistance requires a certain frame. A plan has to be set up, concrete projects have to be identified, priorities have to be categorized and the necessary administrative structures for the implementation have to be put in place. It is especially in this field where we see the importance of this conference. We thank the Lebanese Government for providing us with very comprehensive information in this regard ­during the course of today's meeting, by organizing a field visit to the South yesterday and by providing comprehensive documents before, inter alia the five-year development plan established by the Council for Development and Reconstruction. The German authorities will thoroughly examine the information thus obtained and the projects proposed. We, of course, have already before and independently of this conference started to consider possibilities to help. And with regard to a couple of projects the decision-making process of my authorities is in the final stage. Even though there will be bilateral measures, the major part of Germany's assistance to Lebanon will be her part of the European Union aid.


Mr. Chairman, the people in the South deserve all efforts to improve their situation. It is first of all for them that we want this conference to be successful.



Thank you Mr. Chairman.