Beirut, 27th July 2000


Intervention H.E. the Ambassador of Japan

Mr. Noritake Kai



It is my pleasure to address the conference on the reconstruction of the liberated territories and the adjacent areas and on the overall development of Lebanon about the position of Japan towards the reconstruction and development in southern Lebanon.

In line with the statement made in Okinawa and held recently, Japan welcomes recent withdrawal Israeli forces from Lebanon in accordance with United Nations Security Council resolution 425 as verified by the United Nations Secretary General.

We think it is the responsibility of the government of Lebanon to ensure the return effective also to maintain peace and security in south Lebanon. In this connection, we welcome the Lebanese government decision to dispatch its national army to the south Lebanon to maintain stability and security there.

The middle-east is vitally important to Japan in terms of securing a long term stable relation but achieving peace and stability in this region is extremely great significance for the international community. Recognizing this, Japan has contributed positively to the realization of comprehension  peace in the middle-east  and we continue to make our best effort to support the peace process. Therefore Japan is interested in the stabilization of south Lebanon.            

According to the four points of South Lebanon proposed by the  foreign minister of Japan in January 1999, we think itís important that the international committee should render its support to the stabilization of South Lebanon subsequent to the Israeli withdrawal in order to realize the construction in South Lebanon we believe that look only the support the international committee but also self efforts  by the government of Lebanon. In this context, Japan highly recommends the efforts by the government of Lebanon  towards implementing various projects in the area and holding this conference.

Supporting Lebanonís efforts to this end and taking into account the request made at this conference, the government of Japan would like to dispatch an economic cooperation delegation to the South of Lebanon by about the end of next month let us say by the end of August this year to survey infrastructure development needs of the area.

Taking into consideration the results of this survey, Japan would study its contribution in accordance with other donor countries and organizations.

To end my speech Iíd like to extend my sincere gratitude to his Excellency the President of the Council of Ministers Mr. Hoss.


Thank you very much.