Beirut, 27th July 2000



Intervention of H.E. the Ambassador of Mexico

Mr. Victor Solano



As you well know Mexico is not a donor country except with some specific programs directed to our brothers in Central America. Nevertheless I would like to say I am very much impressed of what I saw yesterday of what I am listened now in this conference this has motivated me to say that I have discovered different lines of action in our bilateral cooperation on the basis precisely of the recent agreements that we have signed between Lebanon and Mexico and I think that I have to do my best to continue and to develop very specific proposals to my government.


When I was before the castle my immediate reflection was to see our Mexican experts sharing their experience in reconstructing archeological sights. While I was in the tobacco field immediately I was remembering the essential work that our people are doing to develop tobacco production.


I think there are many lines of actions that we can support and I will do it even with the support of the Mexican of Lebanese origin community that recently were here to visit your country and their ancestors and I can tell that they were very much interested in the program of reconstruction of southern Lebanon so there are specific efforts we have to make and I will do it in starting my programs to work in this country and thank you very much.